Embracing the zeitgeist of inclusion, with Stephen Frost - Executive Learning REWIRED

Episode 25

Published on:

2nd Jul 2020

ELR #013: Embracing the zeitgeist of inclusion, with Stephen Frost

Diversity and Inclusion have been “important but not urgent” issues for some time, but are we living in a pivotal period in history, when the momentum of social movements finally accelerates organisational change?

We posed this question to Stephen Frost: CEO and consultant at inclusion specialists, Frost Included.

Stephen was previously diversity and inclusion advisor to both the UK government and former White House office, as well as Head of Diversity and Inclusion for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Listen to the full podcast for:

  • How HR and L&D need to be reconfigured for organisational impact
  • The right questions to ask when measuring inclusion
  • Why it doesn't matter how brilliant a leader is - ignoring inclusion is a business-limiting mindset

Meet our guest: Stephen Frost

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