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Episode 10

Published on:

20th Feb 2020

FLASH INSIGHTS with Binna Kandola

For those short commutes, long queues, or days that you just don't have the time: Learning REWIRED's FLASH INSIGHTS is a short and sharp distillation of key takeways from our podcast series.

In this episode, the highlights of our interview with Professor Binna Kandola, decorated business psychologist and champion of diversity and inclusion.

Reflecting on decades of research and consulting in a wide range of businesses, Binna shares his views on the needs and requirements of inclusive leadership, including:

  • The dangers of diversity targets
  • Trust, security and support - how diversity and inclusion drive innovation
  • The three qualities of an inclusive leader
  • Why the D&I complexity of globalisation is not shifting the diversity and inclusion needle in organisations

Meet our guest: Binna Kandola

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