ELR #05: Why we need inclusive leadership, with Binna Kandola - Executive Learning REWIRED

Episode 9

Published on:

11th Feb 2020

ELR #05: Why we need inclusive leadership, with Binna Kandola

It seems we are living in a time of increased polarisation. Every day we are reminded of the things that make us different rather than those that connect us.

This is a heightened awareness of diversity but often at the expense of inclusion.

What does this mean for organisations, their leaders and those responsible for fostering positive human and organizational development?

What will the role be of inclusive leadership as we move further into a globalised future?

Our guest in unpicking these topics is Binna Kandola, well-known business psychologist, author and expert in diversity and inclusion.

Binna is also the host of his own podcast series, Racism at Work.

Meet our guest: Binna Kandola

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